Food Shopping Reinvented

Created by  Viljami Salminen

Introducing Ben

Ben is 37 years old, lives in London with his wife, and works as a product designer. He has worked in the internet industry for the past 15 years and is now leading a team of designers at a startup. He works long days and travels to work and back using the London Tube. While commuting home, he often buys ingredients for their evening’s dinner.

Introducing Anna

Anna is 32 years old, and lives in Helsinki with her husband and two kids. She works as a project manager at a charity organization. Anna’s kids are in elementary school and she travels to work using her bike. Anna likes cooking, but feels like she doesn’t have enough time to try out new recipes, so she ends up often cooking the same foods for the whole family.

The Problem

Grocery shopping is time consuming and not always fun.

Imagine you’re coming from work, doing groceries on the way home.

You might be tired and already hungry, so you easily end up buying unhealthy products and the same ingredients over and over again.

It’s also often a tedious process to first find good recipes,
and then all the needed ingredients.

Even if it’s a grocery store you know, finding ingredients that
you aren’t familiar with can take a lot of time.

The Solution

Introducing “Cookd” — A Service that makes buying and cooking
food fun with monthly changing recipes and matching
pre-portioned sets of fresh ingredients.

Discover new recipes and
healthy ingredients.

Ingredients are always
carefully hand picked
and pre-portioned.

Save time by just
picking them up from
selected stores.

Never again buy more
ingredients than
you actually need.

First recipe in the scroll view has always a viewport sized image. When you start scrolling, it’s going to disappear and the view shows smaller previews of other recipes.
This is the same “Featured Recipes” view, but scrolled down by the user.
Users can save featured recipes for later usage.
When tapping one of the recipes, user is taken to another view that has details like the ingredients and the nutrition facts.
User can tap a button to find the closest store where it’s possible to pick up the pre-portioned ingredients for this particular recipe.

Use the iOS app to browse the month’s recipes and view additional information like the ingredients and nutrition facts.

Off-screen navigation is always accessible on the left side of the screen.
Swipe the cards to browse the nearest pick up locations or use the search to find another location.

Find the store closest to you, where you can pick up Cookd’s fresh ingredient sets.

Swipe through all the stages of the cooking process to preview them, or hit pause to continue cooking later.
An Animated background related to the current step.
Use your Apple Watch and let it guide you through the process. We’ll notify you with a vibration when you need to take the food out of the oven.

When you’re ready, just follow the in-app
cooking instructions.

“Cookd has changed the way I think about grocery shopping. It’s no more a burden. Shopping feels like a part of the cooking process now, kind of like following the recipe even before I’m in the kitchen.”
— Ben
“I’m so happy that we found Cookd. It has led us to try and learn many new recipes. We’re also spending much less time doing the groceries and eating
much healthier overall.”
— Anna


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