About me.

I am a web designer and developer from Helsinki, Finland, specialized in responsive web design. I’ve been designing web sites for over a decade.

My name is Viljami Salminen and I live in Helsinki, Finland. I am a front-end designer at Adtile, where we are redefining people’s relationship with mobile advertising. I’m also the founder of Helsinki Device Lab, which is established to help developers to be able to test their work on the ever-growing range of mobile devices. I’m passionate about responsive design, CSS, JavaScript and web typography and both tweet and write about these subjects.

I’ve started my career by studying traditional print design during the early 00s. At that time, there wasn’t much to choose from if you wanted to learn web design, so I’ve basically learned most of what I know now by self-studying and working hard.

In everything I do, I am constantly inspired by the artworks of 60s and 70s jazz vinyls. Especially the records that Blue Note released during that time are close to my heart. I love their simple and plain, but at the same time rich, typography heavy look. That’s also one of the reasons why I’ve been collecting 12" vinyls for over 14 years now.

My site—the one you are browsing right now—is responsive, which means that it adapts to the size of your device’s viewport. It uses the so called Mobile First technique and progressive enhancement, which enables it to be accessible to a wide range of users. Currently this site can adapt to screen resolutions ranging between 230–3000 pixels.