About Me

I’m Viljami Salminen, a Finnish designer living in San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve worked in the web industry for over a decade and have designed websites and browser-based tools for start-ups and companies of all sizes. The majority of my experience comes from individual learning and includes areas like responsive design, typography, JavaScript and performance of both loading and animations. My core belief is that all content on the web should be accessible to anyone using any kind of device to access the internet.

Contact me for work inquiries or just to say hello: me@viljamis.com

I’m currently working as a Senior Interaction Designer at Idean. I’m also an author at Smashing Magazine and the founder of the Helsinki Device Lab, which was established to help web designers to be able to test their work on the ever-growing range of mobile devices.

During the past few years I’ve created many popular open source tools such as Feature.js, Responsive Nav, Responsive Slides, Tiny Nav, Remote Preview and Molten Leading. These tools are being used by the jQuery Foundation, Microsoft, AT&T, U.S. Government, Pingdom, Engadget, Converse and TED Conferences to name a few.

In everything I do, I’m constantly inspired by the music and artworks of the 1950’s and 60’s jazz vinyls. Especially the records that Blue Note Records released during that time are close to my heart. I’ve also been a collector of 12" vinyls for over 16 years. ❦



Contact me for work inquiries or just to say hello: me@viljamis.com